About Me


I recently completed my Ph.D. in Economics at Colorado State University with fields in Regional and Environmental Economics. I have accepted an offer to teach at Oxford College of Emory University. At the collegiate level, I have taught over thirty course sections between my work at Colorado State University and Front Range Community College–ranging from principles courses to econometrics and upper-division field courses.

My dissertation, Essays on the Relationship Between Compensation and Productivity–A Regional Analysis has been completed and submitted to the Graduate School at Colorado State. In this series of three essays, I perform an in-depth analysis of labor shares by sector, region (US state), and time as well as a comparison of pay and productivity estimates along these same dimensions. The full work contributes to the regional, labor, and public policy fields in addition to the compensation, migration, and amenity literature. The results support previous work in the aforementioned branches of literature while granting policymakers a better understanding of how policy can impact the relationship between compensation and productivity across the United States. My subsequent research will continue investigating applied regional differences across the country and relating these differences to policy implications.